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Sustainability transitions and technological catch-up: Guidance of search as a strategic mechanism for leapfrogging

The challenge of preparing for more sustainable futures increasingly finds resonance outside OECD countries. One salient development is that manufacturing bases for clean-tech industries are shifting to emerging economies. So far, the question how latecomers may achieve leapfrogging in sustainable technologies has not yet been clearly spelled out in...

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Demand-driven policy interventions to foster industrial development: Can they be inclusive and sustainable?

This paper explores recent demand-driven policy initiatives implemented to foster industrial development in developing countries. The evidence builds on various case studies organized around an analytical framework that draws from the literature on demand-driven innovation policy, sustainable consumption policies and industrial policy. The findings indicate that demand-driven interventions are...

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Sustainable Development in the Anthropocene

The notion of sustainable development changes its meaning when placed in the context of a transition from the Holocene geological epoch to the Anthropocene. The authors argue that the Anthropocene implies that a return to the relatively stable Earth System characteristics of the Holocene is extremely unlikely. The divide between society...

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The Learning Economy and the Economics of Hope

Why do we need a new kind of economics? What went wrong with the Lisbon strategy and Europe's vision of an egalitarian learning society? Why do we need new forms of global governance? And what are the implications for the Globelics research agenda? Read Bengt-Åke Lundvall's essay presenting the main conclusions...

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Innovative Enterprise and Sustainable Prosperity

"To provide us with a rational intellectual foundation for specific policy proposals to stop the looting of the business corporation — including a ban on stock buybacks, radical changes in incentives for senior corporate executives, representation of workers and taxpayers on corporate boards, and reform of the tax system...

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